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About Us

Thank you for visiting Ankle Breakers Soccer. Our main goal is to give players the right tools to beat opponents one on one. We believe that the best players in the world are the dribblers,the ones that can unbalance defenders. We want to get players exited about beating defenders by unbalancing (Breaking Ankles) and give them a better chance of helping their teams succeed.

Gerardo Ruiz (Jerry)

Ex-Pro Player and Pro-Coach with experience in Europe, Mexico and the U.S.

Ironically His career ended too soon because of broken ankles. He now dedicates his skills and talents to coach kids of all ages. If you ever

played against him you know of his abilities to unbalance defenders 1 vs 1 think outside the box and do things on the field that most payers only

think of doing in practice or in their dreams. He is not afraid to do something extraordinary with the ball because of failing at his attempts He has

often said that you can only succeed by failing many times. Specially when trying out moves on 1 vs 1 situations. It's not about "tricks" but

mastering abilities and use them repeatedly as tools to make a player look good and make players around him/her look good.



What Parents are saying about Ankle Breakers Soccer

“Coach Jerry brought my daughter to the next level. The skill clinics alone have turned her into a stellar player. He not only made her a better soccer player, but he built her confidence that will forever change how she deals with new situations her life. Being a part of Ankle Breakers Soccer is the best thing Ive done for my kid.”
Lenaya Rotklein , Proud Mom of 2018 State Cup Champion

“Coach Jerry has trained both, my daughter, a high school senior getting ready to play D1 college soccer, and my son, high school freshman at a competitive academy team, for a while. I have seen the improvement in their soccer play and without a doubt recommend Coach Jerry. Training sessions are always intense and focused on what the player needs to improve on. I feel strongly that Coach Jerry is well equipped to continue training and teaching my children and that he will take them to the next level.”

Selene and Jorge Camberos

"Jerry has been coaching my son for 4 years off and on and he is exceptional!I am always impressed at his professionalism and the positive influence on his players. The kids all flock to him and improve greatly under his expert coaching. Jerry runs Ankle Breakers Soccer which is run like a real business not some afterthought.  You will get feedback, your player will improve and still enjoy the time spent training! Coach Jerry has made my sons game improve greatly and his kicks have so much more accuracy.We love Coach Jerry!"

Isabelle Chalepas

"5 Star Rating for Jerry Ruiz and Ankle Breakers Soccer. Over the 10 years Jerry has coached my kids, he has been an inspiration and a terrific role model. Professional, incredebly talented and a tireless teacher, his training was a huge part of my daughter becoming a D1 College soccer player. With every goal she gets - 4 in the last 5 games - I think how lucky she was to have Jerry as a coach. He makes soccer a fun challenge. and your kids will have a great time learning cool soccer skills with Ankle Breakers Soccer!" Gretchen Deel MD

"Jerry is undoubtebly a coach with a goal, to gain the trust and respect of children to achieve maximum performance from players. He is also a great comunicator who understands the work of becoming part of a large family of players and parents. I am very greatful to him because now my son has grown alot in confidence as a player, Thanks coach Jerry."


"I registered my daughter into the ankle breakers summer camp last year and it was awesome, not only did she have fun but she learned alot from all the coachesand each of them had their own styles that she applied on the field. I must say both her father and I were very happy with the end results, we will be enrolling her again this year."

Karina Moreno

"Both of my sons worked with Jerry through his innovative Anklebreakers soccer program. He is the best coach my kids have ever worked with. His love of the game is infectious. They enjoyed his weekly skills challenges and loved that he used video to showcase their success at mastering new skills. At each practice he challenges the kids to reach a new level all while making certain they were having fun in the process!"

Heidi Iverson


We have helped players reach their Goals Weather its Playing proffessionally, D1 college Level, Making their High School Varsity team even just starting for their own teams. Whatever the goal is we can help.